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Jennie - our lay leader addresses the identity and function of Unitarianism in the context of declining church attendance and what the future might hold for us and for Unitarianism. Jennie asks an inevitable question - within which there is an implied challenge to any church foolish enough to define itself solely by a socio-political agenda: - 
When our raison d'être as a church has been achieved, - when there is wide social consensus, how might we Unitarians find a new raison d'être? - one that provides more than a spiritual stepping stone for seekers until they find something better.  While greater demands bring greater commitment, we need to do fewer things - better. Listen on to how might use our curiosity, awe and wonder to focus more on healing and building relationships…. deepening connections, exploring identity - thereby redefining spirituality and building our understanding of the Individual and Collective Soul in ways that might challenge and re-energise us all into the future?

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