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During the "Lockdown" I've been pondering the causes of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the implications for us all. Today, I briefly look back 200,000 years BCE to our human origins: homo erectus, "morphing" into homo sapiens. Ancient and Natural wisdoms, combined with traditional hunting and gathering, enabled homo sapiens to live in balance with the Natural world. However, the exponential growth in human population following the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions has resulted in an exponential loss of global biodiversity due to human greed, ignorance and apathy - as to the consequences.

I mention an increasing body of scientific evidence, including the origins of the current pandemic and the emergence of Zoonotic diseases - overseas - and in Australia, that reminds us of an overarching Natural wisdom - that we destroy the "Web of Life" at our own peril.

Homo sapiens faces two challenges that must be addressed urgently:-

  • to halt the commercial exploitation that is accelerating the loss of global biodiversity, and -
  • to repair what we can - of the web of life that we are destroying.

But there is Hope! Listen on!

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