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With reference to the challenge of Jesus for us to become "fishers of women and men",  Rob uses the analogy of "a ship of fools" - smug in their comfortable, self-satisfaction  - sailing on an idyllic sea. Are we a ship's company prepared to watch foundering souls drown - rather than risk the challenges of rescuing them?
Rob poses the question "Why are we so unknown"? - when far from being a fringe movement, we are representative of mainstream liberal values and behaviours, rational, cvompassionate, willing to envision, model and build a better world of justice and peace - where no soul is left un-moored and foundering - for all of us were once foundering souls rescued by this community.
Rob leaves us with a choice of direction - to remain smug, content, self-satisfied - chasing our personal vision of what we, individually want our church to be - a "ship of fools" - or to reach out - united as a Unitarian community - to meet the needs of those whose lives will be enriched by what we can offer them?
Rob's address was followed with a "branding jam" session that explored ways in which our Community might plot a course that best reaches out to others and avoids foundering on reefs hidden under the "sea of complacency".
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